Oh come on….

Tonight I was inspired to start a blog. T.V is off, husband is away and kids are in bed. So I thought…Here I am, snuggled in on the couch with a cold one and veggie straws, when I hear a faint “daddy…daddy…daddy…” The faintness grows to a scream, a cry, a wail. How distracting for a first time blogger! All I can think is “please don’t wake your sister, please don’t wake your sister.” How can I explain to a 2.5 year old that daddy is at an away game and won’t be back until the morning. Sure. All he hears is  daddy and hockey game. “I want to go to the domies and see daddy!” That was his (and her) response this afternoon on the way home from “school.”  So back to present time. I decide to set my laptop, cold one and snacks down to try to comfort my crying son. Up the stairs I go, and he is lying down in his crib, still under all of the blankets. I thought for sure he would be standing up, tears and snot running down his face. He must still be asleep!!! I pick him up and rock with him for a bit. While I was annoyed that I had to get “uncomfy” and go upstairs to take care of him, I suddenly realized that someday this 2.5 year old boy who is extremely attached to his father (Wait, who was pregnant with them for 7.5 months? Oh right, I was…) will grow up and go to college. I held him tighter and played with his hair. Rubbed his cheek and said “you have to go night-night now….” His response with his scratchy, tired voice, “ok mommy, I go night night.” I put him down, closed his curtains and closed the door. What a snuggle bug he is. Before my foot hits the first stair I hear, “DAAAADDDYYYY….DAADDDYYY!!!!” Oh boy. He’s quiet for now. So will this house when they go off to college…


What do you think?

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