“You’re having two, didn’t you know?”

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No! We didn’t know. That was on November 18th 2007. Twins run in my family. I wouldn’t have it ANY OTHER WAY.

I had my palm read years ago and the man said I was going to have twins. That was in 2005.

Here I am, 9 years later, sitting in the car with my kids who are almost six. C, my girl, is going on and on about My Little Pony. N, my son, is quietly playing with his toy, taking it all in.

She has been the alpha twin since the day they were born. She was 3.2 lbs and he was 4.10. They are now 35 and 45 lbs, respectively.

She’s my spitfire, he’s my sensitive one.

I am jealous of their relationship…is that weird to say?

They are everything to me…


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