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Forgiveness – – dependent upon the offense, it’s one of those things that can be so much easier said than done. We’ve all heard the quotes:

 Forgiveness is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself.

 Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behavior. Forgiveness prevents their behavior from destroying your heart.

 To forgive is the highest most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.

 In regards to an affair, this quote really hits home for me:

 Finding it hard to forgive?

Feeling like they stole something from you?

Well consider this…until you forgive

They’re still stealing from you.

Forgiveness is often on my mind, after all I am trying to heal from my husband’s infidelity and the end of my 12 year marriage (because he’s convinced the other woman is a better option than me). Lord have mercy, this is…

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3 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. Let’s imagine that we are happy and fine and have forgiven them all.
    So it really want a big deal then was it? And that’s what they’d both say and they’d be right.
    When someone breaks your spine and you never walk again, the message is the opposite. This is a big deal and they will never get to say it was ok.
    I also don’t think forgiveness is something we’re obliged to do. Why put another burden on us?


      1. Look, I’m not against forgiveness if it creeps up on you in the night and you suddenly get this epiphany of perspective where the affair was a smaller deal than you thought at the time. I just don’t hold with struggling to give it.


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