Good days and bad days and everything in between.

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I have good days. Those are the days that I don’t speak to him. Those are the days when I could care less about what (or who) he’s doing.

Then there are days like yesterday.

Stbex called to tall to N and C. C handed me the phone when she was finished and he was expecting me to get on it to talk.


I hang up the phone before he gets a chance to say anything. This is the second time I’ve done that to him.


And then he texts me.

“I am going to start coming over in the mornings.”

Excuse me? We don’t have a visitation schedule. I have been so lenient with him. Let me know when you want to come and see them and I’ll leave the house. Want to spend a weekend with them? Just come to the house and I will leave. No, they cannot go to your house….which is your girlfriends house.

HE LEFT. He doesn’t get to decide when he can come and go from their lives. Am I still hurting? You bet your ass  I am.

All I care about is N and C and their emotional stability. They still think he’s coming home. When I tell them he’s not, they try to come up with ways to get him to come back.

He CHOSE to go on vacation with his girlfriend for the whole week before springs break. He knew we were going to be gone this week. With MY family. For Easter. I didn’t take them to spend time with a boyfriend. (there isn’t even one)

Now he wants me to “stop talking to his mother.” She’s dead. Died five years ago. When I go see my psychic medium his mother ALWAYS comes through. I don’t specifically ask for her. She just comes to me. He said that he was going to call my psychic medium and tell her to STOP.

Good luck with that. Maybe he’ll put that in his next ridiculous letter from his lawyer.

Now that I got that out, can I have a good day? I know his mom would want me to.

I miss you R.L.S. xo


4 thoughts on “Good days and bad days and everything in between.

  1. His mother keeps coming through bc she’s disgusted in him and she wants you to know that she supports you. He can’t take it bc he knows that she would hate what he’s done to you. His mother is the only one that he ever felt guilty about disappointing and he knows full well that she would have challenged him on his poor character and abuse of his family. You keep on talking to his beautiful mom and let her fill you. He will answer to her someday.


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