Comic relief.


Comedy. We all need it once in a while. My kids are hysterically funny. I really haven’t noticed until now because I have been in my own bubble, my own world, my own mind.

“Mommy, what did Gran call you when  you were little?”

“Banana legs..I was always outside playing and I always had bruised legs. We didn’t have video games or computers when I was little so we always played outside.”

“You didn’t? Is that like way back in the day?”

“Yes, for you since you are only 5.”

“So you didn’t have any running water?”

“Yes! We DID have running water! And color television!”

What did I do to her responses to me? I LAUGHED. And she laughed her cute little high pitched belly laugh.

The other morning she was singing “the hokey pokey” but changing it up pretending to be animals.

“You put your horse foot in, you take your horse foot out, you do the hokey pokey and….”

So simple. SO hysterically funny at 7am. Even her brother got in on the action while he was brushing his teeth.

I never really noticed the things that come out of their mouths. I was always saying, “yea, ok.” Or “no” and walk away. The past two mornings I have actually engaged in their silly stories and they made me laugh. I haven’t laughed with them in a long time.

My son, who is also 5 (natural twins), makes the funniest facial expressions when he is talking to me. Why am I just noticing this now? Why did I let my stbex fill up so much space in my head that I couldn’t see the beauty in my children?

I feel guilty for not being present with them for the past few years. My life was consumed by “fixing the marriage” and “going to counseling” instead of focusing on the two little beings that never left my side.

I am grateful that I get to experience THEIR life with them everyday. Stbex does not. He doesn’t get to hear the silly jokes or see the funny faces.

Now don’t get me wrong…There are times where they make me angry and I have to be the bad mom.

But I am starting to see them as little people with huge personalities.

Personalities that fill the room with laughter, games, crafts (not me, my daughter C), silliness and yes, sometimes fighting.




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