Yesterday stbex came over and brought groceries for the kids. 

Whenever he comes to see them I am like a cockroach when the lights go on.

I scurry next door as fast as I can.

I zip up the stairs to my room before anyone can see me.

I can’t see him. I cannot stand the sight of him.

I scurry along, all cockroach like, before I get killed by his presence.

The kids were acting up while he was over. I was upstairs knitting a blanket. (YAY for more yarn!) Furiously knitting away, tap tap tap tap of the needles. 

Today I get an email from him stating that he would like to take the kids for an overnight at HIS place. Well actually it’s HER place and he lives there with her. He said that it would just be him there, not her.

My blood didn’t boil over like it usually does when I get stupid shit like this from him but I did get a little annoyed.

“Stbex, I would have no problem having them overnight with you IF you had your OWN place. There is no need for them to be at HER house, even if you are there alone.”

Am I wrong? 

No. He’s wrong. That’s the most stupid thing I have ever heard of. Completely wrong. The kids don’t need to know that he is living with someone other than mommy. Poor kids thinks he’s coming home  “after work.”

He better scurry along before I call the Orkin Man.


5 thoughts on “Cockroaches

  1. UGH!!!!!!! I totally understand. My ex has my boys around her new boyfriend all the time. She even butt dialed me once on mistake and was having a conversation with my boys about how special ‘he’ was to her and if it was ok if they kissed in front of them. Really??? What do these people think about that causes them to think things like this are all ok? I’ll probably never understand. Give me that Orkin Man’s number HAHA


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