Am I free?


I learned a lot of disgusting details of my stbex this weekend. I didn’t get angry, I just got a little shaky when I was listening to some new news of his “antics.” 

But I didn’t freak out. I didn’t care. Am I free from that emotional jail? Have I finally detached myself from him? I do not speak to him or look at him when he comes over. I think that’s really helped me. I will continue to do that.  I can’t even sit in the same room to discuss finances. I leave that up to my lawyer.

I DID, however, text him that I was learning new details about something that I was lied to about. Of course, he got mad and is going to confront anyone that talks about him. Ok. Good luck with that. The people that talk are the people who USED to think you were a great guy. Who USED to be your friend. Who dislike you now. And are on my side. 

I woke up this morning and sent him a text. I told him that I don’t love him like I used to. The stories I hear about him do not hurt me anymore. I told him that I am not in my emotional jail anymore and that all I care about is me and the kids. It was very freeing.

Will I slip back into moments of weakness? Sadness? I am 100% sure. But hearing what I heard last night made it really easy for me to wake up with a smile on my face. 


2 thoughts on “Am I free?

  1. I recently found things in the shed. As they say ‘the truth shall set me free’. It certainly has helped free me from the emotional attachment I once felt and therefore makes it easier to ‘let-go’.


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