All that’s left is a memory.


Party number 6 came and went in a flash. Stbex showed up 2.5 hours early. Why? Are you that stupid? Of course I make a snarky remark and he leaves.

Why do I have a conscience? Now I feel guilty and bad for the kids. So I text him an apology and asked him to come back for the kids.

“I’ll come back at 2. When the party starts.”

No shit Sherlock! That’s when the party STARTS. Why did you have to come so early?

We hardly spoke to each other. No one really spoke to him. He kept to himself. Sad. Friends that used to be “ours” are now only “mine” and cannot stand him for what he has done to us.

He deserved to feel awkward and not welcome. I did feel a tiny bit bad for him.

But then I snapped out of it. Thank god.

The kids had a blast. That’s all that matters!

Cake time! Awkward picture time….

The kids took a picture with me and the cake first.

Then my neighbor, who was taking the picture and HATES stbex said, “would you like a picture with the kids?” So I moved, he took my spot and said “cheese!” Moldy cheese. Smelly cheese.

I know he felt uncomfortable around all of these people who used to be his friends. They weren’t thrilled to be having to breathe the same air as he was either…

He stayed to help clean up after everyone left. My parents were there as well. Awkward. VERY minimal small talk. I wish someone would have punched him in the face and made him see what he has done to us. He never will see.

Sociopath. Narcissist. JERK.

Happy 6th birthday (May 24th) to my crazy, fun loving, adventurous, kind, smart kids who I KNOW had a BLAST at their party.

That’s all that matters….


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