What am I here for?


To get married, have kids, get divorced, move with the kids and raise them.  Oh and work everyday of the week. Is that what I am here for? 

What is my purpose on this planet??? HELP ME.



10 thoughts on “What am I here for?

  1. In some ways – as painful as it is – this is a milestone that you have reached. Often when our world unfolds and we lose our partner we see everything through the loss of the partner. We have lost intimacy, companionship, someone to share decisions, protector, supporter. The biggest loss, however, is not the loss of that person but the loss of our sense of purpose. Facing the reality of that loss is a turning point even though it is accompanied by further grief and pain. It is only by understanding we have lost our purpose, that we can then strive to seek and find it again.


      1. Finding a purpose takes time. I have been working on mine for a year now and haven’t quite found it yet but I am getting closer.
        The thing that got me inspired was reading an article about Madeleine Albright. She claims that she wallowed for four years after her husband left her and her children had also grown. She thought she had to find a new partner to feel whole again. Then she had an epiphany when she realised that what she needed most was not a new partner but rather a new purpose (as her role as a wife and mother had gone). That was when she returned to her career, firstly academia, then politics. When I read that she wallowed around for years before she came to that realisation I felt better. It is coming to that realisation that sets us free (from the torment); albeit that it may still take some time to work out what the replacement purpose will be.
        Keep going. You will get there. I know that you will.


      2. PS. I hope that i have not confused you. Having your purpose as being the best mother for your children (at the age they are) and easing them through this transition period in your life is a defining and worthwhile purpose.


  2. I am reading a few books that might help. I can email them to you. My answer to your question is No! That is not all your here for. It is a season and it too shall pass. I am trying to figure out who I am and where to go from here. I know WE are fearfully and wonderfully made and you have a purpose!


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