Oh how I’ve missed you all….

What a bad blogger friend I am. Again.

Life got in the way and not having a working computer at home made it difficult to get on and read all about your lives and tell you about mine.

I decided to stay. I am living in the house with the kids and stayed at my current job. I love it. I couldn’t imagine leaving here. We merged with the other high school in this area and it is amazing. I love going to work everyday…

Stbex (yes, still soon to be ex) still comes over in the mornings to get the kids ready for school and on the bus. We ignore each other (more me than him) and I leave the house at 7 am. He walks in, I walk out.

Every other weekend the kids go to his..er..I mean her house. She is not allowed to be there when the kids are there. Thank you law guardian! The first night they stayed there I called up a friend of mine and said…

“Hey–I am either going to put myself in a Xanax coma and wake up tomorrow, or, we’re going out.”

We went out.

I had fun!

It was so nice to catch up with her and see people that I haven’t seen in a while. I’ve done that a couple times now. People are shocked when they see me out. They ask me–“Where have you been?”

I’ve been working on me. I have taken almost a year to deal with the shit that was handed to me. The pain I had to endure. The “why’s”, “what if'”, “I am not good enough for anyone”, “I hate my life…” I could go on but I think you get the idea.

I am in a better place now. I am open to the idea of meeting someone. They are not all like my stbex.

I ran into a friend of mine (yes, a guy) that night I went out with my girlfriend.

Conversation went like this…

“Hey! How are ya?”

“Good! How are you?”

“Good! Are you still with that douchebag?” (EVERYONE knows what scum he and she are)

Me laughing…”No..”

“What happened?”

So that’s when I told him everything. The entire story.

“How could someone do that? Especially when you have kids! That’s bullshit. You’re a great girl. You’re gorgeous!”

What? What did that male say?

That I was gorgeous? What? I am confused. I’ve never really been told that by my stbex. Of course I’m NOT gorgeous. He must be talking about my friend that I was with.

Then he said…

“Let me take you out for drinks sometime! It’ll be fun!”

Excuse me? Someone wants to be seen out in public with me? No. Must be for my friend.

But it was for me. Strange. It’s been a long time since someone of the opposite sex wanted to do something with me.

No expectations.

We had a blast. We’ve been out a few times.

Fun. Hmm…Haven’t had that in a long time!


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