Julia STOP IT. You will NEVER get anywhere if you continue to keep going down this road.

The guy that was hanging around once in a while seems to disappear for about a week at a time. No text. No call. No visit.

Is that normal? This guy has been around since the beginning of September. All we’ve really ever done is text, gone out a few times and hang out at my house a handful of times.  But..He has told me many times that he “really likes me” and wants to pursue a relationship.

Then, I don’t hear from him for a week. wtf? This happens a lot. Not just once.

FOUR. 4. I gave him 4 chances to come around and figure it out.

That fell flat as a pancake. I finally had enough and told him that he’s too inconsistent and shady for me.

Then he told me that I think too much. Over analyze everything.

Well when you don’t hear from someone for a week, my mind starts going.

Am I wrong? Granted I’ve been out of this scene for 13 years, but I still don’t think that’s normal.


At least for me they do. Don’t tell me you feel one way then act completely differently.

I got a big fat “leave me alone” the other day. Am I crazy? I am just so confused as to what goes through his head.

I should cut all ties, right?

As a fault, I have a big heart and give people the benefit of the doubt. MAJOR FAULT. I hate that part of me. Why do I let people come into my life who give it no real value? Why am I cursed with this heart and mind?


6 thoughts on “STOP.

  1. First thing…decide what you need/want out of a relationship. Whatever that is. With whomever. What YOU want. If it is someone who spends quality time with you frequently throughout the week, great! Then look for the person that you enjoy that ALSO wants that out of a relationship. Compromise is one thing, sacrificing all you want for another person is something entirely different. Be willing to walk away if you aren’t getting what YOU need. Regardless of if it is filling the need of the other person, if you have to fight for your own needs to be met then it isn’t a good fit. Don’t be clingy/needy. Just speak your desires openly and matter of fact, and if the other person isn’t on the same page, explain calmly that this isn’t what YOU’re looking for and you wish them well. (you don’t have to drop them completely from your life, but you should let them know you are opening seeking a better fit and keeping your options open) Be courageous! You can pave your own future destiny.


  2. You don’t think too much. His behavior is inconsistent and suspicious. He wants to deflect responsibility for his actions onto you. If someone said “leave me alone?” I wouldn’t give them a second chance to repeat it.


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