Ebbs and flows..

Well. I guess I need to get back to writing. Here’s the short version of what has been happening with me…

Divorce was final in the beginning of January. I cried. and cried. and cried some more. Not that I miss HIM–I miss what was supposed to be.

Online dating. UGH. Met a few guys but nothing grew from any of them.  There are some really odd people out there. These people shouldn’t even be allowed to interact with females.

I’m lonely. I’m sad. When my kids come back from their dads, I hear all about their adventures with him and his whore ..ahem…girlfriend.  Stings.

I do have good days, but I am definitely still going through bad ones. When will I meet someone nice and normal? Why did all of this stupid bullshit have to happen to me? Why am I suffering?


3 thoughts on “Ebbs and flows..

  1. My sympathies. It does still hurt when the final decree comes in.
    But at least that door is shut now.
    What I asked myself at the time is this. If I had my choice (knowing that he would betray me), would I still want to be with him? My answer was ‘no’ as I deserve better. I deserve trust and fidelity. So then I decided to stop crying over something that I did not want – to be with someone who was not trust-worthy. So the grief for me was not in losing what I had, but rather coming to the realization that I never really had what I thought I had.


  2. Two years later and my divorce still hurts. It hurts when my kids say the other man’s name, when they tell me that they had so much fun with them. I wouldn’t take her back, but I miss being a family, I miss the completeness I felt before everything was taken from me. I tried the online dating thing. For a long time. Got so tired of it, tired of people not understanding that some divorced men didn’t cheat, that wives cheat too sometimes. I only know you from your blog, but you do deserve better, you deserve to be happy.


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