3rd year, post divorce.  Three years stronger. A few times weaker.




The holidays have always been tough for me. He did some pretty shitty things to me during the holidays. It’s almost like I have PTSD. Once December 26 hits, I snap out of it. I’m moody, snap at the kids, depressed. cry cry cry. Not that I want HIM back, but the pain from the memories that are related to the holidays hit me like a ton of bricks. I actually despise Christmas. I will need to go to counseling to prepare for next year. It’s not fair to my kids or myself…

New year, new me. I will stay focused and DEDICATED (my new year word) to becoming a healthier, happier version of my current self. Dedicated to fostering healthy, loving relationships with the positive people in my life. Dedicated to learning more about me and how I can grow and learn and become a better me. Not just for me, but for my children, my family and those positive people in my life.

Yes, yes. I need to lose weight. I will. No rush. No deadline. Just everyday choices and the mindset that I CAN DO THIS. I am dedicated to making me better.



One thought on “2017

  1. It is five years down for me. My epiphany came at 3 years 3 months when I decided that instead of not letting the divorce change me and forever aiming at becoming a better version of myself; I would in fact transform. It was painful but from that point I turned into a “new” self entirely different than who I was in my marriage. Two years down from that epiphany, I am pleased to say it was the very best decision and I am no longer haunted by the truths of my marriage.


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