one step can change everything.

I thought I was passed all of this.

I thought I had cried all my tears, forgotten about “them” and was stronger than this.

Friday was the first time that I laid eyes on “her” since the truth came out.  One foot out of a store in the mall and there she was.

one step can change everything.

I honestly didn’t think that I would react in the way I did. She didn’t see me; thank god.


Heart racing.

Sweaty palms.

Anger. Anger. Anger. Sadness. Sadness. Sadness.

I called one of my girlfriends (after calling stbex and bitching him out) and she talked me off the ledge.

I walked out to my car and then the tears started flowing.

Flowing like hot lava on my cold cheeks onto my cold hands, pooling in my ears as I talk on the phone.

That totally fucked me up.

The kids were with him this weekend.

I was ALONE. Sick and alone.

Lonely. Alone. Solo.

No one to take care of me while I was sick. No one to rot on the couch with.

The kids came back tonight at 6.

Come to find out “she” spent the whole weekend with them.

Painting pumpkins, making cookies, doing FAMILY things.

That’s MY family.

She was NOT part of this plan. This is not how my life was supposed to be.

This is NOT how the kids lives were supposed to go.

After I learned that she was there this weekend, (according to lawyers and law guardian, she’s not supposed to be there when the kids are until they are interviewed by the law guardian) the tears started flowing again.

Hot lava on my cold cheeks, hands, ears. Burning and stinging like salt on an open wound.

It wouldn’t stop.

All the emotions came back and I couldn’t stop them. The dam had unleashed it’s fury of anger, sadness, depression, tears into my once calm state.

Why does this still hurt? How can I still be sad about this? I don’t want him. I am sad over the death of the vision that I had for our family. I was the one who should be painting pumpkins and making cookies with my family. NOT her.

Run away. Run away as fast as I can. That’s my next thought.

What I want for my kids is not here. It’s home. Family, friends, memories.

Yes their father and his whore are here, but this is not what I want for my children. I want tradition. Family and friends. Holidays together. Lazy summers together.

I don’t get that here. I won’t have that here.

one step can change everything.


Let’s take a break.

wpid-wp-1397611623259.jpgI mean from my story. I drove my father two hours for back surgery today. I cried when I left because I didn’t know if it would be the last time I would see him.

He has THE best neurosurgeon. on Dallas Cowboys and plenty of NHL players.

A 66 year old Vietnam vet is right up there with them in my book. Number one.

I am sitting here (patiently) waiting for him to come up from recovery. He’s going to be in a lot of pain but his quality of life is going to sky rocket.

What is that? Another metaphor for my life? Wow. It literally just smacked me on the head as I sit in this cold hospital room…

My father endured years and years of pain in his lower back. Bone on bone with nerves pinched in between. They took out the broken pieces and replaced it with strong titanium mesh. He’ll be a new person….in about two weeks.

I am removing the broken and dead pieces from my life as well. The pieces that have caused me so much pain for all of these years.

Once I am strong like that titanium piece that is in my dad’s back, my quality of life with sky rocket too.

Bring it on Dr. M!