I let the cat out of the bag.


I shared with some close friends today that I started keeping a blog. I was honestly worried about what they would think.

Some desperate attempt at getting attention? (No.)

Blasting my stbex online in an open public forum? (No way. Ok….sometimes)

Putting my thoughts out there for the world to see an possibly connect with strangers who might be going through the same thing? (Absolutely)

Basic journaling with a pen and notebook wasn’t working for me anymore. I stumbled upon two blogs that really drew me in.




One led to the other one…I enjoy them both and thought to myself “I have a story to tell. I should do it here.”

I started this blog in December 2010. Never picked it back up until April 7 2014.

It seems that major life changes always hurl me into different ways of expressing myself.


Working out (I used to be skinny…)


Going to counseling

Now this blog. This has really helped me get my thoughts out and get instant responses from people around the world. I wish we all lived closer so we could meet and have a drink or two! (or tea, whatever you like…)

It felt really good to get the feedback that I got today at work about my blog. I wasn’t expecting such a positive response. I read some of my posts out loud and they laughed! (When they were supposed to…at my jokes…)

They were impressed and it felt good.

It made me smile.

Maybe I should let the cat out of the bag more often!





“I thought only old ladies knit.”


Why thank you, 11th grade student taking 10th grade global for the second time. I pulled out my knitting needles to show them the scarf I am working on for my daughter.

I just learned how to knit two weeks ago. It is very meditative. The English teacher I work with knows about all of my stress and anxiety so she taught me how to knit.

(great story about your brain while knitting: http:// http://www.kvia.com/news/health/This-is-your-brain-on-knitting/25150486)

Is this what my life is going to become? I am 35 years old, single mom of twins and a knitter.

I can hear the feral cats now. “meow, we smell your yarn old lady let us in.”

Will I become a hoarder and end up on Hoarding: Buried Alive? They might find those cats dead wound up in balls of yarn.

I enjoy it though. I get lost in the motion and time just slips away from me. I forget all of my problems and I create something. It’s a nice hobby.

Thank god I am allergic to cats.