“I thought only old ladies knit.”


Why thank you, 11th grade student taking 10th grade global for the second time. I pulled out my knitting needles to show them the scarf I am working on for my daughter.

I just learned how to knit two weeks ago. It is very meditative. The English teacher I work with knows about all of my stress and anxiety so she taught me how to knit.

(great story about your brain while knitting: http:// http://www.kvia.com/news/health/This-is-your-brain-on-knitting/25150486)

Is this what my life is going to become? I am 35 years old, single mom of twins and a knitter.

I can hear the feral cats now. “meow, we smell your yarn old lady let us in.”

Will I become a hoarder and end up on Hoarding: Buried Alive? They might find those cats dead wound up in balls of yarn.

I enjoy it though. I get lost in the motion and time just slips away from me. I forget all of my problems and I create something. It’s a nice hobby.

Thank god I am allergic to cats.