Messages from the other side.

Yes I believe in psychics. Especially mine. She’s not only a psychic but she’s a medium, reiki master, certified counselor and teacher.  I will call her C.

I met with C yesterday to chat. My soon to be ex’s mother INSTANTLY came through.

“She has two words for you. THOROUGHLY DISGUSTED.”
I always hear from her. That helped me grieve over the years.

She also comes through to me in my dreams and just stares at me. That’s because “she doesn’t know what to say.” I know for a fact that if she was still alive NONE of this would have ever happened. “She said she would ring his neck.” That is the truth.

My stbex never grieved his mothers death and that is the root of our problems. It is sad to me and his mom.

C says that this is the FIRST time in five years that she is “good with me.”  She knows that karma is a bitch. I do too. They’ll get theirs.

She sees good things for me. Moving back to my hometown, buying my own house and getting a new teaching job. New faces and places. But mostly familiar. Home.

I have our session on a cd. I wish I could post it here. Lots of laughter and f-bombs.

I apologize to anyone who follows my blog who doesn’t believe in psychics. I respect your opinion and I can only ask the same from you!  xo