Creeping up again..

Stbex watched the kids all day today. They didn’t have school but my district did so I had to go to work.
When I got home I did not go in the house. I walked over to my neighbors house and chatted for 30 mins. I can’t be anywhere near him. I cannot stand the sight of him.
I sent him a text telling him that I was across the street and he can leave so I can go home.


Why?? Because you are a complete douchebag and I cannot stand the fact that you have been in the house with the kids all day. Because I want to see the kids. I want to get into my sweats and be lazy without you there.

That anger came back up from the darkest places in my soul. The rage, bitterness,  sadness.

All erupted in me like an active volcano.
So of course I start to text him sarcastic things.

“Thanks for putting the kids clothes away. I love doing it all myself.” (He didn’t put them away after he told me that he would)

“Do you enjoy this lifestyle? Because I do and so do the kids!”

“Are you happy with your choices?”

All while knowing I will never get answers that will satisfy me.

I have no self control.


14 thoughts on “Creeping up again..

  1. I thought I was the only separated/divorcing woman whose husband spends time in her home. I’m sorry, and I know how awful, how violating and creepy it feels. I also recognize that anger that boils up. This is why they shouldn’t be in our homes!


      1. Yes, it’s because he owns “half the marital property.” It is the worst thing ever. I leave too. Can you really move that far away??? Won’t he fight it? I am considering moving back to my home state 250 miles away, but I know I can’t do it yet.


  2. I feel for you. Anger is a very strong emotion that hits hard and fast.
    I found channelling my anger into something positive for myself helped a lot. For example my house ended up really clean becasue every time I became angry I started cleaning! 🙂
    Take care.


  3. He only thinks about himself…helping with the clothes while he was lounging in your house would mean that he was a human. He’s not, he’s a troll who only cares about his needs. I’m so sorry you deserve better!!


  4. Does he have to be in your home? That’s got to be awful! The boundaries in my life are the only thing that kept me sane! Of course, he’d ask to use the bathroom if he’d pick the kids up and knew I wasn’t home etc.
    The sarcastic comes out, because you’re in pain. Soon, you’ll be able to treat him like a business associate/employee. Texts will turn in to unfeeling matter-of-fact statements
    “next time you say you’ll put the clothes away, please do so.”
    You’ll get there. Don’t be so hard on yourself.


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